If you live in Maple Ridge, BC, and have a pet has an allergy, bring them to us at Westgate Animal Hospital and we can have a veterinarian knowledgeable in pet dermatology treat them. 

pet allergies

What Signs Should I Look For? 

Your pet can have seasonal allergies, just like you. They just can't decide to go to the local pharmacy. Instead, you have to look for things like them: 

    • Scratching All The Time
    • Having Inflamed or Infected Skin
    • Shedding All the Time
    • Licking Their Paws All the Time
    • Having Red or Waxy Ears
    • Having Breathing Issues

All of these things can point to other possible issues, but allergies can be the culprit. 

Other Allergy Causes

It's not just the time of year that can affect your pet. There are other things that can affect their skin. Things like fungal, bacterial, or even parasitic. This can show itself in things like ringworm (which is a fungus and not an actual living worm that curls up in a ring).

If you notice things going on with your pet's skin, it may be a good idea to have a vet look at it. Otherwise, you risk getting the allergic reaction yourself, since some of them can be transmitted from an animal to a human. If you are worried about that, you can ask our vet about it. 


There are a variety of ways that we can learn about what's going on with your pet's skin. We can use allergy testing to see what your pet is allergic to. If we think that something other than allergies is causing your pet’s symptoms, we can provide testing for that as well. 


Once we've figured out what is going on, there are a number of things we can do. We can have you regularly wash your pet with a special shampoo. You might have to give him antibiotics if his symptoms are due to an infection. You might just have to make a change in the food that they eat. Whatever the case, we will make sure that your pet is back to being your furry or hairy best friend.

Get Pet Dermatology Care from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

At Westgate Animal Hospital, we are proud of the services that we offer the pets of Maple Ridge, BC. If you want to make an appointment so we can help your faithful companion, contact us. Call us at (604) 465-3676 for pet dermatology care from a veterinarian at our animal hospital.

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