Has your pet been limping? Arthritis in pets can affect their behavior and activities but the right cat or dog arthritis treatment can help. At Westgate Animal Hospital, our veterinarian in Maple Ridge, BC, can treat this condition in pets. We’ll explore this condition in more detail, including symptoms and treatment for pain relief.


What Symptoms Does Arthritis Cause in Pets?

Since arthritis affects the joints, it can cause many symptoms. Your pet might only have a few symptoms or his symptoms might come and go.

Some signs of arthritis in pets include the following:

•             Trouble standing up and lying down or sitting

•             Favoring one leg or side

•             Avoiding stairs

•             Avoiding jumping

•             Walking slower

•             Stiffness in one or more joints

•             Growing, yelping, or snapping when sore areas of the body are touched

•             Limping

Why Does My Pet Have Arthritis?

Cats and dogs can get this condition as they get older. Their joints become less flexible over time and develop inflammation. This can happen for many reasons but some risk factors include:

•             Being overweight

•             Having orthopedic surgery

•             Having a certain body shape

•             Joint problems, such as hip dysplasia

•             Joint injuries

How Do You Treat Arthritis in Pets?

Treatment will likely focus on managing symptoms. Depending on your pet’s condition, we might recommend the following for cat or dog arthritis treatment:

•             Pain medication

•             Nutritional supplements that support joint health

•             Nutritional changes for pets that are overweight

There is no need to let your pet suffer in silence when we are here to help him get relief. Call us today.

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