Veterinary Service in Maple Ridge

If you've been looking for veterinary care for your pet, Westgate Animal Hospital in Maple Ridge is here to help. These are some of the services that Dr. Ranote and our team provide for the pet community.


Comprehensive Exams and Preventative Care

Our team is committed to treating pets from the beginning of a diagnosis until the end of treatment. With preventative care, we can help your pet avoid many of the common ailments, like heartworm and flea bites. New patient exams also help your pet develop a relationship with our team. We get to know your pet and its medical history. We also examine your pet thoroughly to look for signs of problems in development so you can address them before they worsen.


Spay and neuter surgeries are among the most common procedures our team provides, but we also offer soft tissue surgeries as well as orthopedic surgeries. We ensure that your pet is cared for before, during, and after the procedure. We also provide follow-up appointments to ensure that your pet is on the road to recovery.


Vaccinations are an important part of preventative care. They help protect your pet from many dangerous and deadly diseases, including rabies and distemper. We tailor our vaccination schedules to your pet's individual needs.

Pet Illness & Urgent Care

Our team is here to help when your pet isn't feeling well. We offer urgent care for sick pets, as well as ongoing care for pets with chronic illnesses. Whether your pet is lethargic, has lost its appetite, or is displaying other concerning symptoms, we can help.

Pet Dentistry

Good dental care is important for pets, just like it is for humans. We offer teeth cleanings, as well as treatment for pets with dental disease. Our dental services include extractions when they are necessary, ensuring that your pet can eat and drink comfortably.

Other Veterinary Services

Our team provides a variety of additional veterinary services. They include:

  • Microchip ID services
  • Deworming
  • Lion's cut and other grooming options
  • Skin treatments
  • Behavioral problem management
  • Lab services and pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound services
  • Endoscopy
  • Nutrition and food information

Call Our Veterinarian for Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Ranote and our team at Westgate Animal Hospital provide quality animal care in Maple Ridge. It's time to schedule an appointment for your pet and we are ready to help. Call our team today at (604) 465-3676 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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