Pet Dental Care

Your pet's teeth play a much larger role than just helping them eat their food. It's important to keep their teeth and gums healthy since it can contribute to their overall wellness. Examining the state of their dental health is part of a regular exam at Westgate Animal Hospital. If you live in or near Maple Ridge, then bring in your pet to see a trusted veterinarian.

pet dental care

What to Look Out For

You may notice some signs that your pet is having issues with their teeth. They may be reluctant to eat their hard food, for example. If you open their mouths, you may see some redness around their gum line or even some plaque building up around the area. In either case, you should bring your pet in for an exam, which will include looking in their mouth. It's important that this be taken care of since bacteria can get in their bloodstream and cause other health issues.

The Cleaning

If your vet determines that a dental cleaning is needed, then your pet will be sedated, and the cleaning done. It's a fairly quick procedure. There may be some instances when teeth need to be pulled.


Once you bring your pet home, they will likely still be groggy for a bit while they are recovering from sedation. If you have multiple pets, like several cats, the others might not recognize the new scent from the dental cleaning (they may also smell the other animals from the vet's office) and might even react in a negative way. To keep both them and your pet from being stressed, you might want to quarantine the one who had dental work done for a bit until the scent wears off.

Monitor your pet and make sure that they are eating and drinking like normal afterwards, as well as going to the bathroom. They may sleep a bit more than usual while they are recovering. This is normal. Before you know it, they should be back to normal. Be on the lookout for them being in pain or if there is any discharge from the area that was cleaned. Having healthy teeth and gums can contribute to your pet's overall well-being. It's well worth monitoring their mouths. Then they will have happy lives.

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